OpenSUSE 12.3

First of all, if you have not already, you may want to visit this page, where I explain what I am looking for in my Linux distribution.

I have been running OpenSUSE on my office computer for about a month now, and just wanted to give a review of the operating system.


I am not really going to walk you through the steps I took to install OpenSUSE on my computer, but I will just say it went very smooth, and I really like how professional it is.  It is one of (if not the) best Linux installers I have used.

Repository package management

For me, it seems like Yast is a little slow, and it takes a little searching to get all the repositories set up.  But overall not bad.  I was able to find and install everything I wanted, and I think with OpenSUSE being such a popular distribution that you can always find anything you want or need.

Out of the box (does it just work)

I would have to say It did pretty well at just working right out of the box.  Of course I had my own things I had to install, but it was pretty well setup right out of the box, and worked.  I did have to install my video drivers to get my dual monitor and everything working correctly, but I have found this to be the case with any KDE Distro I have tried.  So I can’t really blame OpenSUSE for that issue.  I also had to install some multimedia stuff, but it was very easy, and the instructions were very clear on how to do it.

I made a few changes to the look of KDE, but that is just personal preference, and KDE is so easy to make it look just how I like it, that is only took a couple minutes, and it was setup great.  Here is my setup (not I have conky, and you can see it has been up and running for 15 days).

OpenSUSE Desktop


I have been very pleased with the responsiveness of this distribution.  I currently have a lot of stuff open, including Firefox with 17 tabs, chrome with 12 tabs, virtualbox running with a live distribution on it, and several other programs (you can see them in the above screen shot).  Here is a shot of the actual resource usage:

OpenSuse System Resource usage

It is very impressive that with all this open, I really see no delays at all.

Final score

repository package management:  9/10
Out of the box (does it just work):  9/10
Responsiveness:                           9.5/10


OpenSuse Is a complete, very polished Distribution.  I have this running on my office computer, and it works so well, I don’t see any reason why I would install anything else.  Even though I like Manjaro (the last distro I made a review for, see it here).  OpenSuse is much more polished, and ready for anyone to use.  I would not hesitate to recommend OpenSuse.  I still have some more linux distributions to test out, but so far this one set the bar very high.

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